Professional Scrum Master Training

Professional Scrum Master Training Training

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Do you want to become a certified Scrum Master?

The Professional Scrum Master (PSM) course is a 2-day course that covers the principles and process theory underpinning the mindset, principles, mechanics, rules and roles of the Scrum framework.This training is highly interactive and designed to accelerate your success in Scrum.
The Scrum Master training extends the capabilities of our enterprise development teams through greater understanding and methodological deployment of agile techniques. Leading a Scrum team is radically different than traditional project management. Rather than plan, instruct, and direct, the leader of a Scrum team facilitates, coaches and leads.

During this workshop you will learn to:

  • Lead and facilitate a Scrum project
  • Establish a shared vision for the entire team
  • Generate an agile product backlog utilizing user stories and story points
  • Lead your Scrum team through planning, review, and retrospective sessions
  • Create an environment in which self-managing teams can flourish
  • Identify, enroll and engage business stakeholders in your project


Introduction on Agile projects vs waterfall projects

The Agile manifesto and principles

Overview of Scrum: Why Scrum works, What Scrum is, Origins

Scrum theory

Scrum pillars

Scrum values

Scrum events

  • Sprint
  • Sprint Planning
  • The daily scrum
  • Sprint review
  • Sprint retrospective

Scrum roles in the Scrum team

  • Scrum Master
  • Product Owner
  • Development team

Scrum artifacts

  • Product Backlog
  • Sprint Backlog
  • Increment
  • Artifact transparency – Definition of Done

Tracking progress
- Sprint burndown charts
- Release burndown charts
- Task boards

- The scrum of scrums
- Focus of Initial sprints
- Shared vs specific product backlogs
- Scaling the product owner
- Getting started



About the trainer:

Serge Huybrechts provides training and coaching in Agile and Scrum. As a continuous improvement enthusiast he guides organizations in their Agile journeys, coaches leadership roles and helps teams to become self-organizing and high performing. Serge has a passion for music and learning and loves to share his knowledge and experience with the world.


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  • Wanneer: donderdag 5 tem vrijdag 6 maart
  • Tijdstip: ontvangst vanaf 08u30 - start cursus om 09u00 – einde voorzien om 17u00
  • Waar: kantoren USG Professionals, Berchemstadionstraat 76 te 2600 Berchem
  • Catering: welkomstkoffie, een 10-uurtje, lichte lunch en een 4-uurtje

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